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After being born with cancer and given the chance of life I started this adventure after a huge accident in Miami at a Miami Dolphin/ Patriots football game and the doctors suggested that I never lift anything over 25 lbs. again. So I went home and went bass fishing that day all upset and it came to me, like God was talking directly to me and said "If you catch a 25 lb. bass you will be rich and never have to work ever again." Then it hit me. If I caught a 25 lb. bass I would be set. So I went home and told my friends and family I am going to be a pro fisherman and they all laughed and said that is just a dream and it will never happen. You are a landscaper. Guess they were WRONG. You see Big Jim Pro Bass Angler is family-owned and operated right here in Springville, TN. Since our company opened its doors in 2005 in Davie Florida and now we live in the great state of Tennessee, home of moonshine and music next to the lake and Hank Williams JR. fishing all day and the night away. Being blessed with great sponsors allows me to fish fulltime. After many years of treating every sponsor and advertising customer like they were a part of our family they stay with us because we produce. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. You see life has been hard but I never give up and I am still alive even after Cancer tried to take my life at the age of 6 months old. From a mother who never gave up and said this baby will live if it’s the last thing I do in life and I owe her EVERYTHING. Thanks mom. Dad was never in the picture and when I did hear about him it was too late. He died in a boating accident in Anchorage Alaska on the Copper River trying to help others who got stuck down river. He may have not been a dad to me but to those people he is a hero. So I have been told I have my father’s ability to catch fish even when no one else is. He was reported of catching a 120 lb. Tarpon on light tackle and 12 lb. test on the Daina Pier on the week of February 17, 1967. Made the visitors guide. As I said, I have been fishing since I was 4 and I can tell you mom has the pictures to prove it. My love and passion for fishing and teaching kids how to fish is so natural and I just love it. Kids need more tackle Box time and less Xbox time. To hear the birds or the sound of that Mercury Outboard singing is like no other. With the spray of the water in your face from the mist is like the best feeling ever. So after its all said and done get out and go fishing. You only live once and this ride is shorter than you think so enjoy every day like its your last. May GOD bless you all and enjoy this place he created for you. See ya on the road or on the water...

Big Jim